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Olea Kiosks


Leveraging Technology to Enhance the User Experience

Founded in 1975, Olea Kiosks, Inc is the right partner for your self-service solution. Built on a foundation of fine details and expert craftsmanship, design, manufacturing, and support is delivered from its headquarters in Cerritos, CA. The Olea advantage means balancing high tech with high touch using its advanced design and in-house manufacturing teams to provide the agility to help you adapt to evolving customer needs faster than ever before. Explore all they have to offer here: https://www.olea.com

Government Kiosks

Public Sector Kiosks provide organizations an efficient way of administering necessary applications to their audience through a wide range of functions. Kiosks are being utilized in almost every brand of the government to make a variety of applications faster and more efficient, which allows these institutions to better service a large number of people. The applications integrated into these kiosks can vary greatly based on the needs of each government agency and its constituents, but the common goal of these kiosks is to automate the most common systems, reduce staffing costs, and provide enhanced customer service. The following are a few commonly used kiosks across government environments. https://www.olea.com/kiosk-applications/government-kiosks