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Our Story

About PrimeChoice – US & DVBE

As the magnitude of the health crisis became clear, the leadership team at CTS came together to chart the way forward. First step was to get our staff set up to work from anywhere and our customers’ needs met. Next, we looked for the gaps. The leadership team has three members with a wide difference in work from anywhere work experience.

The next step was to review what we and our team needed. We thought of Computers, Printers, ways to share (voice, email, webinars & documents) and Furniture. We went out trying to secure these products. After our first couple of online meeting we found out we needed better lighting, cameras, etc.

We discussed what else do we need? If we need it, doesn’t everyone else. How can we help? We have a contactless printer program; let’s share that!

Russell started to research what the marketplace really needed. He has a unique perspective. He gets to observe his wife, a first-time work from anywhere worker. She manages a number of highly educated professionals working from anywhere for the first-time. Most of the challenges revolve are the loss to the team. He shared his own experiences.

As much as there is a need for actual stuff, there is a need to stay connected. What about the isolation of first-time “work from anywhere” team member? How can we help?

Does anyone want to purchase desks, printers, lamps, etc.? What do they do with it after it’s not needed?

These and other questions led to us deciding to launch PrimeChoice.US

We considered standing it up on its own. Then we remembered that we are Choice Technical Services, Inc. a U.S. Small Business Administration and State Certified Service-Disabled Enterprise (# 0022893). CTS Choice was founded in 1986. In addition to offering a wide range of products, we can help Prime Contracts meet their pledge. Based on that we chose to keep the PrimeChoice program but fold it under the CTS Choice Company.


Easy & Friendly care for work from anywhere staff.

  Be the Easy & Friendly choice for organizations with work from anywhere staff.

  Provide clients a short-term rental option*

  Contactless Delivery & Service

  Alert Socially Responsible Organizations to a quality Veteran Disabled Business Enterprise

*See pricing pages for terms & conditions

Meet Our Team

The Leadership team has over 100 years working with Large Enterprises.

Rudy Reisender

Founder / Owner

CTS also known as the large document company is a certified Service Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise; working and teaming with businesses, for over 35 years.

“Service is our business”

Rudy, is a Board Member of both the Los Angeles & Ventura County Disabled Veteran Business Alliance.

Allen Thigpen

General Manager

Allen has been the General Manager of CTS Choice (PrimeChoice parent since 2015).

Allen is the National Director G.A.M.E. A National Sports Mentoring Program, working with athletes at the high school, college and professional levels.

“We Are Changing the Future,
One Athlete at a Time”


Marketing Director

Russell was awarded over $100,000,000 in contracts between 2010 – 2019.

He is most proud of the fact that his contract awards resulted in over 100 people being hired to support those awards”

Russell is a member of the American Legion & served on the Advisory Board for

Operation Santa Claus for Orange County.

Our Mission

Easy & Friendly products & services from a “Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise”

 Bring to your attention solutions to problems you don’t even know exist.

 Provide for the needs of your team that are working from anywhere.

 Provide for both the tangible & intangible.

 Be a resource for you to connect to other “Business Inclusivity Program” & DVBE’s.